Head of School of GrowBright Academy in Malaysia




POSITION TITLE:             Head of School of GrowBright Academy


EFFECTIVE DATE:            July 1, 2020


POSITION SUMMARY:      To provide leadership and oversight of the educational development of the GrowBright Academy.




Reports to:                 Board of Directors.


Responsibilities:         Curriculum development, teacher training and professional development, student progress and development, marketing of the school, community engagement, and oversight of the day to day leadership of GrowBright Academy.


Relates to:                  Gateway Education Global Regional Director; Leadership of JoyKids International Preschool; Educational Services Department of Gateway Education Global




EDUCATION &             • Minimum undergraduate degree in Education with a Masters preferred.

EXPERIENCE:              • Intercultural experience; English proficiency

  • Five years’ experience as Director of a School or Educational organization
  • Proven experience leading teams of educators and project managers.



SKILLS:                                           • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Ability to train and implement healthy team dynamics
  • Excellent English verbal and written communication skills
  • Competence in use of Office 365 (SharePoint, Skype, etc)
  • Mature Christian experience, sound judgement, and professional skill


PERSONAL:                 • Philosophy of life and lifestyle that aligns with the policies, objectives, and doctrinal position of Gateway Education Global and GrowBright.

  • Active participant in a local church
  • Team player, positive outlook, love for people




  1. Lead the development, implementation, and monitoring of the GrowBright Academy.



  • Pray
  • Strategize with the Board of Directors to develop the education objectives for GrowBright Academy.
  • Develop ways to track students’ progress and create plans to support and encourage student’s growth both academically and personally.
  • Support and facilitate the continual improvement of GrowBright Academy facilities and infrastructure.
  • Develop and execute a marketing plan to assist with the growth of Growbright Academy.
  • Regular communication with the Board of Directors and with Gateway Education Global Regional Leadership


  1. Seek to develop the best curriculum plan for GrowBright Academy.



  • Work with consultants, including Gateway Educational Services, on developing curriculum for GrowBright Academy.
  • Work with the Board of Directors, through professional development, to better understand curriculum options and how to implement the curriculum chosen for GrowBright Academy.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with like-minded educators in Malaysia and the region to learn about best practices to be incorporated at GrowBright.


  1. Provide and develop teacher training and development for teachers at all of GrowBright Vision’s schools.



  • Develop plans for recruitment of qualified teachers.
  • Research and develop training for teachers at GrowBright Academy
  • Develop plans to ensure all teachers receive the necessary training for their particular role and subject
  • Work with the Board of Directors to ensure effective policies and training are implemented


  1. Create and develop community opportunities for GrowBright Academy



  • Research and work with the GrowBright Board of Directors to create a community outreach plan
  • Connect with local churches to create partnerships.
  • Connect with like-minded agencies in the greater KL area to create partnerships.
  • Develop community outreach opportunities and ensure that all GrowBright Vision schools are participating in these opportunities.
  • Report back to the GrowBright Vision Board of Directors annually on these (or such)



  1. Join the Gateway Education Global community by becoming a member and attending orientation this summer. (Third week of June, 2019)