Regional Higher Education Services Coordinator for Asia

Position Title:             Regional Higher Education Services Coordinator for Asia

Effective Date:           TBD (Open to availability)

Position Summary:        Develop and coordinate higher education initiatives and programs for Gateway Education Global in Asia, in collaboration with Regional Directors,  Director of Higher Education Programs and Innovation (Vietnam),and Global Director of Higher Education Services

Reporting Relationships

Reports to:     Regional Director (or his/her designee)

Supervises:    Staff and volunteers in regional higher education services programs in Asia

Relates to:      Global Director of Higher Education Services, and Director of Higher Education Programs and Innovation (university start-up in Vietnam)

Status:            Part-time or Full-time (as needed), non-exempt, paid from support raised toward salary.

Location:        Hanoi, Vietnam



Education and Experience:

  • Master’s degree with some training in theology, mission and education
  • Proven administrative experience
  • Knowledge of opportunities, trends and challenges in higher education in regional and global contexts
  • Significant higher education experience in intercultural settings
  • Proven leadership experience


  • Strong leadership skills
  • Excellent communication, problem solving, writing skills
  • Excellent initiative and the ability to set goals and follow through
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Skills in sensitive and effective cross-cultural adaptation, communication, and contextualization
  • Ability to work collaboratively in an intercultural team and across areas of expertise and experience
  • Working knowledge of Office 365 tools for day-to-day business, technological savvy with internet and other IT systems or willingness to learn quickly


  • Mature Christian experience, sound judgment and professional skill
  • Life philosophy that aligns with Gateway policies, objectives and commitments
  • Passion for Christ and the Gospel; active participation in a local church community
  • Motivated by Gateway Education Global’s distinctives, mission and vision in delivering transformational education services
  • Cultural elasticity and sensitivity needed to live cross-culturally


Responsibilities and Duties

Initiate, develop and grow Higher Education programs in region in consultation with the Regional Director.

  1. Serve on the global higher education team
    1. Coordinate all activities with Global Director of Higher Education Services, Regional Leader, and Director of Higher Education Programs and Innovation (university start-up)
    2. Liaise with higher education colleagues globally
    3. Participate in meetings with higher education service team

Total work time given to these duties:                          10%

  1. Serve on the Gateway regional leadership team
    1. Coordinate initiatives and activities with Gateway Regional Director
    2. Coordinate with Gateway leaders in the region for suitable, contextualized higher education programs
    3. Participate in regional meetings

Total work time given to these duties:                          10%

  1. Develop programs according to Gateway’s annual strategic plan
    1. In consultation with Regional Director, propose initiatives and programs in higher education that serve the mission of Gateway and the needs of the respective region
    2. Find funding and facilities for programs
    3. Establish sustainable business plan for each program
    4. In partnership and collaboration with mobilization staff, help recruit staff and volunteers for programs and initiatives
    5. Evaluate programs on an on-going basis to assess effectiveness

Total work time given to these duties:                          20%

  1. Develop partnerships with like-minded partners and organisations
    1. In coordination with regional, departmental and registrar offices, respond to inquiries related to higher education services, determining appropriate response to requests
    2. Represents higher education services with partner organisations

Total work time given to these duties:                          15%


  1. Acquire suitable educators who understand “transformational education” and adhere to Gateway’s vision and mission
    1. Provide training for local staff to ensure projects are sustainable, contextual and replicable
    2. Advise leaders who can start, manage, and grow higher education programs
    3. Assess educators and programs as needed

Total work time given to these duties:                          20%


  1. Serve at a /Gateway project bi-annually

Total work time given to these duties:                          15%

Duties and responsibilities performed within one’s capabilities that do not constitute a major change may be added, deleted, or changed at any time at the discretion of the supervisor and HR either orally or in writing.


Gateway General Member Expectations

Establish and maintain a support team; stay in touch with sending church. Participate actively in local church; follow a personal growth and life long learning plan; report regularly on ministry, personal life, and finances; participate in meetings and events mandatory for all missionaries (prayer days, training, etc.)

Total work time given to these duties:                          10%